Javelin3 for Windows HELP

Installing: run the setup program and select the default installation directories if possible. If you installing a new version and have an existing version installed, simply install the new version to the same location as the old one. In general no further action will be required and existing files will not be affected

Registration: is only required for the "Pro" editions of Javelin3 and Javelin ... if the publisher asks you to use their downloadable ebook Catalog then please use the standard edition as this version includes the built-in Catalog facility for easy access to publishers' ebooks (see example screenshot below) and.or manually download a publisher's catalog using the blue download arrow icon shown in the toolbar.

Downloading: either use the built-in download icon or the catalog entries (click on an item to download it, right-click to see more options). If you manually download a secure file using Javelin3 or a web browser, save the file to your DOCUMENTS folder before opening it.

Documentation: Help documentation is included in the installation folder for Javelin3 readers and via the Catalog link on the opening screen (Drumlin Publications) and online here

JW3 catalog

Common issues (e.g. printing, network problems etc. - please see the Help on common issues page

Smaller screens: If you have a PC with a relatively small screen/lower resolution, we recommend you use the View menu with the following steps: 1. Use the View menu and tick the first entry, which is the "single page" mode - select that one so it displays one page at a time rather than scrolling pages; 2. Use the View menu at the top of the screen and select the option (ticked) "Fit Width" to view the page as wide as possible - you can hide the Outline/Navigation section if you want the maximum screen space for reading, and then 3. On the View menu, select the option, Upper Toolstrip and make sure the only items that are ticked are: Navigation, and Text Search, and no others. This should ensure the upper toolstrip fits easily on your screen - then use the mouse or the page navigation to scroll through pages or the outline tree and search facilities. To scroll down a page use the grey scroll bar on the right hand side of the page.